Our Prices
Don't Waste Your Money
On The Services That You Need
We ask you not only to compare
pricing but also what you are
actually getting for your money.
(Cheaper is not always better)
Photo Restoration
$5.00 Per Photo
Returned To You On Cd
If you prefer to scan your own photos, please scan in 300 dpi or higher in
color even if photos are black and white .  We will scan your photos for
you at  no extra charge for the best quality.

Video Transfer
$8.50 Per DVD W/O Personal Covers
$15.00 Per DVD With Covers
All of our finished DVD's are the same in quality . The personalized
3 part covers are the same as store purchased DVD's to help store,
protect, and enhance your collection.

Audio/Video Photo Show
This includes up top 200 photos if we scan and retouch
or up to 400 photos if you furnish your own on disc or drive.
We will use your own music .

Photo Shoots On Location
$50.00 1 Hour Session
$15.00 Per Hour Afterwards
We allow ample time for outfit change and
unpredicted incidents.

Wedding Package
This includes everything from rehearsal, backstage,
complete wedding, reception, to drive off.
We offer up to 2 video cameras with different angles
and at least 2 photographers with a min of 6 cameras
for many different effects. This package includes:
DVD, Photo Slide Show, Photo CD's , Photo Package,
and 1  16X24 frame mounted photo of your choice.

We will build your port with up to 75 photos "recommended",
add your info , list your port on at least 2 major posting sights ,
and introduce you to higher end photographers that promote this
line of photography.

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